what is your name?
tugele nav kitte?

which is your native place?
tugele gav khanche?

how are you?
kashi assa tu?

Had your lunch?
Javan jalve?

where is your house?
tugele ghar khai?

What to do?
Kasa karka?

Keep a servant.
Kaamaachak dhavornge.

You hear what I say.
Haav sangche thu aayke.

Am I not helping you in your work?
Tugele kaamaanthu haav thukka help karthenaavE?

It is true! But how long?
ThE vhai! jallEri kithle divasu?

It is better to if we have our own people.
AmgelE mONu kONi javvo aslEri bare nai vE?

Who are there from our side?
Amgele mONu kON assa?

We can find out.
Sodhleri jalle.

Where to find?
Khai socche?

We get our son married.
AmgEle chelyaka lagna kellyaari jalle.

He has to agree for that.
ThaaNe thakka oppukaa nai ve?

He is eager to get married.
ThO ek payyaari rablaa.

Let us find a good alliance.
Bare soirik sodhyaa.

Please do that.
daikonnu te karachi.