Our History

We Belong to the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community and we have a long history. A brief history of GSB community can be seen at the site of Shree Shantadurga and at GSB Konkani. Like every community we have our own traditions and rituals.

Most of our community have their "kuladevs " in Goa.  This is so because our ancestors are supposed to have migrated there around 700 BC.Most of Our families have kuladevs like Nageshi, Ramnathi,  Shantadurga , Mahalakshmi, LakshmiRavalanath, LakshmiNarayana, Shanteri  etc.

Sree Ravalnath is the kuladevata of Prabhu family. Ravalanath is a combination of Siva and Vishnu symbols. ( Ravalanath Idol Brought from Goa by ancestors of Prabhu Family.Ravalanath Idol Kerala). Our Kuldev is Mahalakshmi Ravalanath (Hiregutti, North Kanara). Our Kuldev is also in GOA Marcel Mahalakshmi Ravalanath (Goa)

It is surprising and sad to know that ours is one of the few communities whose population is actually reducing.