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Dear Friends,

It is our keen desire to see the 'amgele.com' website  strengthen the bonds between Konkani speaking people around the world  bringing unity and brotherhood between us. We, the Konkani speaking people, due to various historical reasons we are scattered in different  parts of India like karnataka, goa, maharashtra, kerala and others, and  in Countries around the world.

We have grown up through different cultures and traditions of the places.  Although scattered in different countries, we all have a common bond which is our mother tongue "Konkani". Even though the Konkanis represent just around half percent of India's population, we have made remarkable contributions to all fields of life.

The primary objective of creating this website is to display the konkani culture to the world and create a common platform. It would have konkani language, food, places and what ever is related to konkani.

It is my dream to provide the Konkans, an effective tool to unite the Konkanis around the world. We welcome and invite you to  send your views and suggestions to improve the quality and usage of this site.

           Prabhu Family

           Email: feedback@amgele.com