We offer innovative and easy-to use product for the growing needs for common household and industrial needs. Wireless Automatic Water Level Controllers. Our water level controllers are built to last and perform for a long time.

Controller Picture with Working Diagram


The solar powered radio switch mounts on the tank roof and is controlled by two tank level sensors. The receiver installs at the pump. When the tank water level falls below the low level float, a signal turns on the pump. When the tank is full, and the high level float signals the pump to turn off the pump. The transmitter operates on a solar recharged battery. The unit comes complete, ready to install on the tank roof.

Complete package includes:

  • Solar powered transmitter with Battery.
  • Two talk floats (Sensors)
  • Receiver/Pump Controller
  • Instruction Manual.


  • This wireless Automatic controller keeps your tanks full. Solar Powered,  Ready to Install.
  • Water is Life, Save Water, Save Motor, Save Power, Safe Life.
  • Cyntex Bell Automatic water level controller saves water and protects motor and reduces electricity bill.
  • Cyntex Bell ensures 24 hours water supply without letting the overhead tank to become dry.
  • Plays the role of switching ON/OFF motor and saves motor from running dry.
  • Cyntex Bell is a wireless product using Solar Panel technology to charge the Battery to provide a long life.

Why Should you buy Cyntex Bell?

  • Solar Panel based Water Level Wireless controller.
  • We provide free technical advice and fast installations.
  • Good service and warranty support.
  • Applications: Our products are Suitable for
    • Independent House
    • Apartments
    • Commercial Complexes
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Residential Colonies
    • Industries and Wherever water needs to be pumped