Ukdo Ambya Gojju | Salted Mango Gojju


- 1 Salted mango/Ukdo Ambo (Recipe for ukdo ambo is here )
- Coconut oil 2 tbl spoon
- 6 Garlic cloves
- 1 Cup grated coconut
- Green chillies 2-3
- Jaggery Syrup 2 tbl spoon


- Keep one salted mango/Ukdo Ambo in water for an hour to remove the excess salt from it.
- In a pan add 2 tbl spoon coconut oil, and fry the garlic cloves until they turn light red in colour.
- In a mixi jar add one cup grated coconut, fried garlic cloves, green chillies, deseeded salted mango/ukdo ambo, jaggery syrup and little water and grind into paste, and the gojju will be ready to be served.

Special Tips:

It can be served with Rice/Dosa/Poori/Chapati