Tavshe Bhakri (Cucumber Dosa)


- Big/Medium size cucumber 1, Rava/Sooji 6-7 table spoon, Grated coconut one small cup, Green chilli 1-2, Sugar 2 table spoon, Salt as per taste, Ghee 1 table spoon, Oil table spoon.


* Wash and cut both ends of the cucumber. No need to peel the skin of the cucumber if it is tender and then grate it.
* In a big bowl add grated cucumber, sooji/rava , grated coconut, 2 table spoon sugar, one green chilli and salt.
* Use sooji/rava according to the water content in the grated cucumber. Do not add too less sooji/rava. Also add sugar, salt and chilli according to taste and mix well.
* If you feel water is more add some more sooji/rava, other wise it will be difficult to make the bhakri on the pan.
* Here for 1/2 grated coconut we have used 5 spoons of sooji.
* Cover the bowl and leave for 10 minutes.
* After 10 minutes, mix it well with the hand.
* Heat a tawa and apply some oil or butter. Now spread the batter and pat on the tawa evenly to make bhakri.
* Apply ghee on top. Close the lid and cook till it gets red color from one side.
* Keep the gas flame low or medium. Once it turns red on one side, flip the bhakri to the other side. Now cook till it becomes red on other side too.

Special Tips:

* This bhakri goes well with Ghee and Chutney powder.
* With 1 Big/Medium size cucumber we can make 2 bhakris.