Sungta Ambat [Prawns Curry]


Prawns 1 cup, grated coconut 1 cup, Onions 2 big, coriander seeds 1 table spoon, Fenugreak seeds 1 tea spoon, Red chillies 5, raw mango slice 4(or temarind), Turmeric powder and salt for taste.


* Fry fenugreek seeds in little oil till turning red in colour. Do not burn and transfer in a seperate bowl after frying.
* After it cools down crush it into coarse powder and keep aside.
* In the same pain fry coriander seeds with some more oil till they change a little bit color and then transfer to a seperate bowl.
* Fry about 1/2 table spoon of choped onions till getting light brown colour.
* Transfer this to coriander plate.
* For preparing masala for the curry add grated coconut, dry chillies, turmeric powder, fried onions and fried coriander seeds in a mixi jar.
* Grind it into a fine paste using water as required.
* Heat oil in a big pan and add half of the ramaining onions to brown colour.
* Next add in cleaned prawns and fry for about a minute.
* Add the ground paste, raw mangoes, remaining raw onions and salt.
* Add water to get curry like consistancy and bring a boil.
* Once it starts boiling and prawns cook add the fenugreek seeds powder and give it a good stir.
* Switch off the gas flame and hot prawn curry is ready to serve with rise.

Special Tips:

Do not burn fenugreek seeds else it will bring bitterness to the curry.
If mango is not available use dry mango powder or temarind pulp.