Sol Kadi (Bhinda Kadi/ Cocum Kadi)


Fresh Cocum/Bhind 4-5, 1 cup grated coconut, Green chillies 3-4, Coriander leaves, Salt as per taste. If fresh cocum is not available then use dried cocum


- First prepare chutney. For that in a mixi jar add the grated coconut, green chillies, salt and litter water and grind into fine paste.
- Now add about a cup of water and squeeze out the juice using a strainer. Keep it little thick and not too runny.
- Cut the cocum and remove the seeds and put these cocum pieces into the kadi.
- Mix well and keep it aside for 15-30 minutes, so that the cocum juice is released into the kadi.
- After 30 minutes remove these cocum from the kadhi.
- Now we can give charcoal tempering or mustard seeds seasoning.
- Here we are doing charcoal tempering as shown in video. Heat the charcoal till it is red hot for 2-3 minutes.
- Now place this in a small steel cup. Place this cup on top of kadi and it should float on top.
- Now pour a table spoon of coconut oil on hot charcoal and close the bowl with a lid tightly so that the smoke do not escape outside.
- Keep the lid closed for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, open the lid and remove the charcoal cup and add coriander leaves and mix well.
- Yummy sol kadi/Bhinda kadi is ready to be served.

Special Tips:

- If fresh cocum is not available then use dried cocum.
- If you do not have charcoal, then you can give mustard seasoning also.
- It is also ok to press the cocum to release the juices into the kadi or you can wait for 15-30 min.