- Chiroti rava/Sooji 1 cup, Sugar 1/2 Cup, Cardamom 4-5, Raisins/Khismish 20, Ghee 1/2 Cup


* Roast Sooji till it gets hot for about 5 to 6 minute. Keep the flame low.
* Add cardamom and sugar in a mixi jar and make fine powder and keep aside.
* After the rava gets hot add about 4-5 table spoon of ghee.
* Again fry till it starts to change the colour.
* Also add raisins in the sooji while roasting and roast till sooji becomes crispy.
* While the sooji is hot, add the powdered sugar and combine well.
* Allow it to cool down a bit and then start rolling the ladoos.
* Add ghee till it becomes easy to roll the ladoos. Here we used 4 table spoon of ghee again.
* If it is difficult to roll the ladoos then heat this mixture in a pan for another 5 minutes. add some more ghee and then try to roll ladoos.
* With the given measurement 10 rava ladoos can be prepared.

Special Tips:

* Roll the ladoos with soft hand.