Authentic Konkani Recipes --

Set Dosa / Appe / Cripy Masala Dosa (How to Make Dosa Batter/Polo Peet)


- 5 cups dosa rice
- 1 cup urad daal
- 1 table spoon methi
- 1 cup poha/flattened rice


* Wash the dosa rice properly and soak it for 5 hours in water.
* Wash the urad daal properly and soak for 5 hours in water, add one table spoon methi in the same bowl.
* After 5 hours, grind dosa rice, urad daal along with some soaked flattened rice/poha.
* Mix these batter well and allow it to ferment for overnight in a big bowl.
* Morning, you can mix it properly and use them as much you need for one time by adding some salt and litte water to adjust the consistancy.
* You can prepare Set Dosa, Appe or Cripy Plain dosa or Masala dosa out of this batter and serve it with chutney and potato curry.

Special Tips:

- If you are grinding the dosa batter in a Grinder, then instead of 5 cup dosa rice, you can use 8 cup dosa rice. In this video we have used Mixer to grind the dosa batter.
- Always use a big vessel for fermentation overnight, as after the fermentation the dosa batter may come up and spill outside.
- During summer time fermentation will be more and during winter it will be less, so you can use little soda during cold/winter time