Patoli (Haldi Pana Patoli / Turmeric Leaf Sweet Dish)


- Same quantity of Jaggery and grated coconut (2 big cups), Cardamom 5-6, 1 tbl spn Oil, 1 tbl spn Ghee, 2 tbl spn Sugar, Salt, one big bowl rice flour (6 big tbl spn), 2 tbl spn maida, 20-25 Haldi leaves which are cleaned and the edges are cut.


* First make powder of cardamom
* Heat a pan and add grated coconut, jaggery and 1 spn ghee and mix well and cook it until the jaggery melts. This is called as Hoorna.
* Now add the cardamom powder and switchoff the gas flame. Hoorna is ready now.
* To Prepare the batter, in a bowl take one cup rice flour (6 tb spn), 2 tea spn sugar (or jaggery), just a pinch of salt, 1 spn ghee and mix well with hand.
* Now add water in small quantities and keep mixing with hand so that there are no lumps formed and it becomes a fine paste.
* To give thickness to this batter add 2 tbl spn of maida (all purpose flour) and again mix well and make sure there are no lumps.
* Mix a spoon of oil into a small cup of water and apply this water on top of each leaf. It will help to separate the left once it is cooked.
* Next spread the rice batter on leaves with help of the hand.
* Apply such a way that there should not be any gap, apply little bit thick layer.
* Fill the Hoorn in these prepared leaves and fold them. Similarly do for all.
* Use idly cooker or rice cooker to cook these patoli. Pour some water on the base and keep the idli tray and then keep all the patoli one by one.
* Cook similarly like idli on high flame for about 20 minutes.
* Patoli is ready to be served hot with Ghee.

Special Tips:

* With given quantity 15 patoli can be prepared.
* Goes well with Ghee and tastes very yummy.