Panasa Payasu / Jack Fruit Payasam


- Rava 1 cup, Jack Fruit 1 cup, Jaggery 1 cup, Cardamom 5-6 powdered, 1/2 Cup Ghee, Cashewnuts 15-20, Coconut Milk 2-3 Cups


* In a pan heat some ghee and roast the cashew nuts to red in colour.
* Now remove these cashew nuts and put rava and just roast it for some time, do not roast till it turns red.
* Now remove this rava in a plate and put the cut jack fruit pieces and cook them with water for 3-4 minutes on high flame.
* Now the jack fruit is cooked, put the roasted rava slowly into this pan and keep stiring other wise lumps will be formed by rava, so keep stiring.
* Now put jaggery, cardamom powder, coconut milk, roasted cashew nuts and mix well and cook till it boils.

Special Tips:

* If more ghee is used then the dish will taste yummy.