Panasa Chunnya Bhakri | Jack Fruit Sweet Bhakri | Konkani Sweet Recipe


- 2 Cups Grated coconut)
- 1 Cup jaggery
- 20 pieces de-seeded jack fruit
- 1 cup medium rava/sooji
- Ghee
- Salt to taste


- In a pan add 1 cup grated coconut, 1 cup jaggery and 2 tbl spoon water and cook until the jaggery melts to prepare the hoorna.
- In a mixi jar add 20 pieces de-seeded jack fruit, 1/2 cup grated coconut and little water and grind to fine paste.
- Now add 1 cup medium rava/sooji in the jack fruit pulp and then mix it well. Also add little salt to taste.
- Now on a banana leaf apply some ghee and then take some handful of the mixture prepared above and spread to make into round bhakri. Dip your hands in water while spreading the bhakri.
- Now spread the hoorna on half of this bhakri and fold it into semi circular shape along with the banana leaf.
- Now cook this on a low flame along with banana leaf for 15-20 mintues until it turns brown and crispy on both sides. Finally remove the banana leaf and serve it.

Special Tips:

- Dont add more water while preparing hoorna or while preparing the jack fruit batter.
- This needs more time for cooking about 20 mintues until it becomes brown and crispy on both sides. Dont remove them in a hurry.