Mande / Chavde


- Maida/all purpose flour 1 cup, sugar 1 cup, Dry Coconut 1/2 cup, Cardamom 6 cloves, Sesame seeds/Til 1 table spoon, Maida 2 table spoon, Salt 1/2 tea spoon, Oil for mixing with dough and for deep frying.


* First we need to make sugar powder. For that grind sugar and cardamom together in a dry mixi jar.
* Roast Sesame seeds and keep aside.
* In a bowl add sugar powder, grated dry coconut, sesame seeds and mix well. This will be filling for mande/chavde.
* For preparing dough add all purpose flour, little bit of salt in a bowl.
* Now add a little bit oil and start kneading the dough by adding little by little water.
* Once the kneading is over add some oil at the end and make soft ball of the dough.
* Now roll this ball and cut out small pieces with the help of the knife. With the given measurement we can do 17-18 mande.
* Now take each ball, dip in the flour and start rolling thin poories.
* The poories should be very thin so that they should not pop up like poories while deep frying in oil.
* Heat oil for deep frying and keep these things ready -- One knife, tava, one plate and the sugar mixture.
* Keep the flame high and start frying the prepared poori.
* Fry using knife and ladle. Flip it quickly and take out of the oil and keep on the tava so that the extra oil goes out.
* While it is still hot, sprinkle some sugar mixture on top of it and give a fold. again sprinkle some more sugar mixture on the folded side and again fold into a triangle.
* Repeat the same process each time.
* It should be very quickly done or else the poori will become hard and it will break while folding.

Special Tips:

- Make sure you put the sugar filling when the poories are hot, other wise if they cool down then it will break while folding.
- Add sugar filling depending upon how much sweetness you need for the dish.