Kadgi Phodi / Bread fruit fries


Bread fruit 1/2 kg(mideum size 1),Asafoetida water(diluted in water)1/2 table spoon,baking soda 1 pinch,Salt , Red chilli powder 1 table spoon, Semolina(rava) 2 table spoon, oil for frying


* Cut the bread fruit in slightly thick slices.
* Take these slices into a big plate.
* Add asafoetida water, baking soda,red chilli powder, salt to the slices.
* Mix these well so that the masala will coat all slices well.
* Add water if required to help the masala to coat.
* Heat a tava on gas.
* Now dip each slice with masala one by one into the semolina/ rava and place on tava.
* Apply oil to each slice.
* Cover with lid and cook for about 7 to 8 minutes.
* Once it cooks from one side flip to the other side.
* Apply some more oil if required.
* Again close the lid and cook till it gets soft.
* To know whether it is cookd just press with finger. If it is soft means it is cooked.

Special Tips:

* Baking soda is optional. It is added to cook bread fruit fast.
* Asafoetida water is also optional.It is added to avoid gastric problems and for good digestion.