Jeer Meera Kadi


- Jeera/Cumin seeds - 1 table spoon, 10-15 Black pepper seeds, Red chillies 3-4, Grated coconut 1 cup, 2 table spoon Oil, 1 table spoon Mustard seeds, Dried Bhind/Cocum 5-6 soaked in water.


* In a pan heat some oil and put jeera/cumin seeds, black pepper seeds and red chillies for about a minute.
* Now put this seasoning in a mixi jar along with grated coconut and grind into fine paste.
* Now the paste is ready, put this in a bowl.
* Now put the bhind/cocum in this gravy with some salt as per taste and add water to dilute it.
* Now in a pan heat some oil and put mustard seeds for seasoning.
* Now put this seasoning in the gravy and mix well.

Special Tips:

* Instead of Bhind/Cocum you can even add little butter milk as well.