Cholkya Bhakri (Rice Dosa on Banana Leaf)


- Rice flour 3 table spoon, Sugar 2 tea spoon, Butter 1 tea spoon, Salt 1/2 tea spoon, Grated coconut 1/2 cup, Ghee 1 table spoon, 2 banana leaves (cut into small square pieces) for one bhakri.


* To make one bhakri, in a bowl put 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tea spoon salt, 2 tea spoon sugar, 1 tea spoon butter, small cup grated coconut and mix well.
* Instead of water, coconut water or milk also can be used to make the batter.
* Now add 3 table spoon rice flour mix well and make into fine batter.
* Put some water on the banana leaves and clean them with a cloth.
* Now put the batter on one of the banana leaf and pat it with your hand to make it into a big square shape. If required you can dip your hand in some water.
* Now cover this with another banana left on top.
* Heat a tawa/pan. Keep this on tawa and cook it for few minutes till the batter becomes hard. Keep the gas flame medium.
* Now you can see that the batter has become hard, it is time to filp the bhakri on other side.
* Now remove the upper banana leaf. Now again filp it on other side and remove the other banana left as well.
* Now cook it on both sides till it turns slight brown on both sides on high flame. Be careful, as this is very soft and could break the bhakri easily.
* Our Cholkya Tandla Bhakri is ready to be served hot with ghee and chutney powder.

Special Tips:

- It goes well with Ghee and chutney powder.
- Also goes well with garlic/lasni Chutney.