Beans and Shenga Upkari


Beans 1/2 kg, Peanuts 2 table spoon (soaked in water for 2 hours), Oil 1 table spoon , Mustard seeds 1 tea spoon, Curry leaves 10, Green chillies 2, Salt as per taste


* Cut Beans in to small pieces
* Heat Oil in a Kadai for seasoning. After the oil is heated, add mustard seeds.
* Once mustard seeds splutters, add green chillies and curry leaves
* Now add, cut beans, salt and soaked peanuts.
* Mix every thing well and add 1/2 a cup of water so that the beans are cooked properly.
* Close a lid, and put some water on top of the lid to avoid burning.
* Cook on low flame till the beans are cooked properly
* Once the water dries on top of the lid, open the lid and check if the beans are cooked.
* If beans are cooked and still water remains in the kadai, then cook it on a high flame for some time without closing the lid.
* Our Beans and Peanut upkari is ready to be served.

Special Tips:

This dish goes well with rice as a side dish, or along with chapatis or phulkis. You can even use potatoes instead of peanuts and also use some grated coconut as well to enchance the taste of this dish.